About Us

Our projects are built on four basic principles



Staying innovative in everything we do is highly important to us as it allows to offer you services of the highest possible quality.


Fast Delivery

We offer web services faster with customer satisfaction being our main goal and we don't compromise on quality.



Being creative means a lot to our team as it is the starting point of every project we work on. Creativity helps us design better websites for you.


New Ideas

Generating new ideas helps Consent's friendly and qualified team to impress clients and customers while being highly successful.

Sofi Technologies is a leading company in design and development services. Our vision is to provide top notch services. We design websites from the scratch by utilizing simple communications combined with fresh ideologies and good business sense and so we excelled as a web designing company.  We follow a unique strategy from most web designing companies.


We like to offer our clients what we call the 3 C's of web design, by providing websites that are Custom, Creative and Cost-Effective. Our interactive web designs transforms your visitors into repeat customers and over time profitable, enduring relationships can evolve with your audience.


Sofi Technologies